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Andrew Hoffman discusses future of sustainability at CSU

Get ready for “Sustainability 2.0.”

“It’s time for a new paradigm,” said Dr. Andrew Hoffman, a leading authority on sustainable enterprise who is a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

He was the keynote speaker Friday, July 19, at the Corporate Roundtable at CSU, presented by the Monte Ahuja College of Business and the Corporate Sustainability Network.

“Sustainability has gone mainstream,” Dr. Hoffman told ENGAGED. “You see everything from sustainable hotels to sustainable cars to sustainable food, which is great. But it’s not solving the problem. CO2 emissions keep going up. Water scarcity is becoming a more serious issue. Ecosystem destruction continues. We’re changing the planet.

“Up until now, we’ve focused on reducing unsustainability… . Despite the success we’ve had, we have to do something even more radical if we’re going to deal with the sustainability issues facing us.”

At CSU, Dr. Hoffman discussed short-term and long-term corporate sustainability.

“As of now, most companies are making sustainability fit within their existing objectives – operations efficiency, consumer demand and so forth,” he said. “But they’re still making more stuff, and it’s still using more energy and it’s still increasing resource drains. When we think about the long-term, we need a new vision.

“Let’s face it: Business is the most powerful institution on Earth. If business isn’t going to solve these problems, there will be no solving them.”