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Hello, Cleveland! Goodbye, Brooklyn?

Cleveland State University’s hometown is going places.

OK, you knew that. But the soothsayers at Fortune magazine have made it official. In a recent feature on 2014’s breakout cities, they pegged Cleveland as a potential “new Brooklyn,” referring to the ultra-hip New York City borough renowned for “rocketing real estate prices, hip-luxe condos and freshly foraged food stores.”

Cleveland “is in the midst of a downtown revival that has seen not one, not two, but three Williamsburg-esque neighborhoods emerge: Tremont, Ohio City and Gordon Square,” Fortune noted.

Seeking local reaction to the acclaim, Fox 8 News interviewed CSU student Evan Schultz.

“Well, I’ve never lived in Brooklyn, so I couldn’t really speak on that,” Schultz said. “But I think that Cleveland more or less wants to be its own kind of place. I don’t think they want to be another Brooklyn. I think they just want to be Cleveland.”

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