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CSU’s Michael Dover recommends statewide property tax for funding Ohio public schools

In an op-ed piece published recently in The Plain Dealer and on cleveland.com, Dr. Michael Dover of Cleveland State University made a case for pursuing a statewide property tax to finance Ohio schools.

“Ohio should seriously consider a dedicated statewide property tax levy for school funding and equalization purposes,” Dr. Dover wrote. “Greater Cleveland can lead the way towards Ohio adopting solutions to the school funding crisis. Ohioans will do the right thing once more if asked to do the right thing for our public schools.”

Proposed PILOTs (payments by tax-exempt hospitals and universities in lieu of taxation) as a fix for funding public schools should at most be temporary measures, according to Dr. Dover. He contended that PILOTs could be made unnecessary by GILOTS (state grants in lieu of taxation) to reimburse local schools for excess exempt property.

Dr. Dover, whose dissertation was a sociological study of property tax exemptions and corporate tax abatements in Ohio cities and suburbs, is an associate lecturer in CSU’s School of Social Work. He also edits Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to sharing narratives of practice with clients and communities.

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