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Dr. Molly Buckley of CSU envisions school 2.0

The classroom of tomorrow is taking shape today at Cleveland State University.

“We need to imagine how to use new technologies in ways that open up new possibilities for teaching and learning,” said Dr. Molly Buckley (above), assistant professor of English education at CSU.

Her student-teachers are already working on enacting this approach in pre-service teaching assignments throughout the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

At MC2STEM High School, CSU student-teacher Jenna Niederkorn has students make Facebook profiles for characters from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. At Max Hayes High School, CSU student-teacher Bryce Wood is developing lesson plans for Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird that incorporate Twitter by having students tweet from various characters’ perspectives and create appropriate hashtags. And at Collinwood High School, CSU student-teacher Albert Lewis sees a dramatic improvement in class participation when he invites students to use their phones to respond to questions via text messages, through the Poll Everywhere platform.

“It’s critical that we harness new media and digital tools in both new and meaningful ways and not simply as an ‘add-on’ or a way to hook students,” said Dr. Buckley, who was interviewed for a recent Cleveland Magazine article about educators who are creatively utilizing social media in schools. “We also need to continue to think about how to design classrooms and schools that support the wide range of digital literacies and dispositions of students, teachers and administrators.”